Friedrich Nietzsche’s Anti-Darwin

Friedrich Nietzsche (15.X 1844 – 25 VIII. 1900), German philosopher. Nietzsche wrote in “Twilight of the Idols” (1888) about darwinism:

Anti-Darwin. — As for the famous “struggle for existence,” so far it seems to me to be asserted rather than proved. It occurs, but as an exception; the total appearance of life is not the extremity, not starvation, but rather riches, profusion, even absurd squandering —
and where there is struggle, it is a struggle for power. One should not mistake Malthus for nature. Assuming, however, that there is such a struggle for existence — and, indeed, it occurs — its result is unfortunately the opposite of what Darwin’s school desires, and of what one might perhaps desire with them — namely, in favor of the strong, the privileged, the fortunate exceptions.
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Marxistic critique of Darwinism.

At the first glance it may seem (and it was often presented this way in Marxist textbooks) that both naturalistic systems live in compliance. However, if we get deeper into the works of Marxists we find out an interesting fact – the priniciples of dialectical materialism are often inconsistent with the essential elements of Darwinian and later neo-Darwinian teaching.

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